All temporary employees of local government institutions were awarded permanent status from last Friday... - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister stated this on 15.06.2024 attending the event of distribution of egg incubators held at Kurunegala District Secretariat office.

Through an egg incubator, which is provided under the assistance of the Chinese government, direct income sources will be opened for five families and many families in the villages related to those families will get its indirect benefits. The objective of this program is to improve income generation, improve nutrition of families, improve general egg production in the country, and create a self-sufficient home garden at the household level, and creating rural entrepreneurs.

The Prime Minister commenting at the event stated that -

"The economy of our country, which is gradually recovering from a serious crisis, is slowly growing. However, we still have to face many serious challenges. Among them, we need to understand the difficulties of the low-income earners and give strength to them. This project is to enable them to enjoy a nutritious meal. It has been launched all over the country and the aim is to increase the income of low-income families, step by step.

It is very important to expand poultry farming as a rural household industry. This business can be maintained through proper training among the rural families.

Various myths are spreading across the country. According to our Sinhala saying, many of those myths are lies that grow on your palm. It has been said for the past that we will not be getting a cent from the IMF. As of today, the IMF has given that financial assistance according to the agreement. We had to get money to get out of the current economic crisis as it is necessary to take economic development measures that generate economic growth and foreicgn exchange and use them for the development of the people.

Therefore, the environment should be transformed for the development of far away villages and for the increase of income sources. We are moving towards that goal.

In the midst of all these difficulties, allowances given to public servants have been increased. The confidence of government employees and employees in various fields will be further increased through the upcoming budget. And we have come here after fulfilling another expectation that you have been waiting for. That is granting permanent status for temporary employees of all local government institutions from last Friday."

Governor of the North Western Province Nasir Ahmed, State Minister Shantha Bandara, MPs Johnston Fernando, Samanpriya Herath, Sumith Udukumbura, government officials including Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Pradeep Yasaratne, and Kurunegala District Secretary R.M.R. Rathnayake, beneficiaries and the public participated in this event.

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