The lands that kings offered to the Maha Sangha, nurtured the citizens and a noble civilization... - Prime Minister

The Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena mentioned that the lands offered to the Maha Sangha by kings, nurtured the citizens and nourished a noble civilization. He said this on 2023.10.22,during the ceremony of conferring the Sri Sannas Patra on the title of Chief Judicial Sanghanayake of the Western Province of Udarata Amarapura Maha Nikaya to Kaleliya Vebadamulla Sri Sudharmaramapathi, Saddhamma Keerthi, Jina Sasana Sobhana Saddhananda, Sasana Siri Vamsalankara, Vichitta Bhanaka, Sasana Keerthi, Sri Saddharma Vagiswara, Shastrapati, Rajakeeya Pandita, Tripitakacharya, Venerable Rupaha Sorathabhidhana Nayake Thera held at the Meerigama- Mallehawa.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated that –

“At this moment, we remember the unceasing religious endowment that the Udarata Amarapura Maha Nikaya has endowed for the sustenance and protection of the Sambuddha shasana. It should be recollected that the Viduravi generation has made an eternal contribution to literature and language, as well as to the Sambuddha shasana in history. We recollect with great respect the a generations of dedicated Mahasangha generation who went through a difficult period with determination.

Upcountry was the land that was occupied by foreign invaders and flattened to the ground. We had no land deeds for over 200 years. Deeds were made when the white rulers came and occupied our villages. Acres of lands that offered by kings to the Maha Sangha, have contributed to nurture the Buddhist order and citizens to create a noble civilization.

On this occasion, we recollect our Ven Soratha Thera, with respect, who assumes the title of Anunayake today, has made a lifetime commitment for the protection and sustenance of the Buddhist order, with great dedication and deep understanding, despite severe obstacles.

Acting Maha nayaka of Amarapura Nikaya,Maha Mahopadya most Ven Karagoda, Uyangoda, Maithri Moorthi Abhidhana Mahanayaka, Maha Sangha, Members of Parliament Gayantha Karunathilaka, Harshana Rajakaruna, former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Gampaha District Secretary Saman Darshana Pandikorala, and officials and devotees joined this event.

Prime Minister’s Media Division