The power of the village should be turned into the economic management of the country without political theories - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena says that village power should be made the country’s economic administration without political theories.

The Prime Minister emphasized this when the Kalutara District National Food Security Progress Review Meeting and the District Coordination Committee Meeting were held at the Kalutara District Secretariat Auditorium on 17.10.2022.

The Prime Minister said that since we are now in a serious financial crisis as well as a major foreign exchange crisis, everyone should join hands regardless of political differences to overcome this crisis.

The Prime Minister further commented that;
"As a country, we must maintain a surplus in the agricultural sector. On the other hand plantation industry is a major sector that supports our exports. We have nothing to hide about the economy. We have to work together to get out of it.

It is being implemented as a program where everyone can participate in the food security process, from village service divisions to the divisional secretariat, as well as at the district level and at the national level.

We consider the need to integrate the farmers in the production as a priority. In order to achieve these goals, attention should be paid to various agricultural machinery, fertilisers, insecticides and preservatives, bringing them to the market and giving good prices.

This crisis is a national crisis. Everyone has to face this crisis".

Fisheries are part of our food production. The fishing industry is not included in the Central Bank’s diversifications. Fisheries should be recognized as part of our food production. Also, the fishing industry should be developed as a resource that can provide the people with the amount of protein they need, as well as an export in order to get a good income. Government intervention is essential for the fishing sector.
After the crops of tea, rubber and coconut, the highest foreign exchange earner, but still untouched, is the fisheries industry. It is an export industry with a high demand in the worl.
We need to report properly about our children and expectant mothers. None of them should be isolated. That decision has been taken by the government. There are many voluntary organizations and private institutions in Kalutara District. Necessary measures should be taken to ensure the needs of children as well as pregnant mothers and to secure their lives. Farmers should have confidence in export and sales. To face this crisis in a new way, the ruling party and the opposition must unite.

The door has been opened to a new program to build the country at the village level by empowering the people of the village. We must establish the power of the village without political theories. Village power should be converted into economic administration. The program of moving the surplus of village power across the country should be launched.

Minister Vidura Wickramanayake, Western Province Governor Roshan Gunathilake, State Ministers Anupa Pascual, Piyal Nishantha Members of Parliament Sanjeeva Edirimanna, Kumara Welgama, Rajitha Senaratne, Lalith Ellawala, Yadamini Gunawardena, Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration Mr. M.M. P.K. Mayadunne, Kalutara District Secretary Prasanna Ginige and many others participated in the event.