Condolence Message

The greatest gift we can offer to the world is Theravada Buddhism. The loss of Atamasthanadhipathi Dr. Pallegama Sirisumana Dhammarkakhita Sirinivasa Nayaka Thera, the chief Prelate of North Central Division in Malwatu Mahavihara Chapter of Shyamopali Nikaye who performed an unparalleled mission for the spiritual development of the Maha Vihara, will be a void that cannot be filled.
The religious service of Maha Nayake Thera brought great pride to Sri Lankans, Buddhists all over the world as well as the people of other religions who valued his services. His valuable guidance and contribution to the development of the historic Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is exemplary.
It is worth recalling that he raised a generation of educated Buddhist students who carried out many religious, cultural and social missions. He paid special attention to the needs of the student monks who were receiving a thorough education. Maha Nayaka Thero, who strongly believed that education for the monks should be adjusted to match the new world with technology, opened information technology paths for the students monks of Maha Vihara and further developed their education.
I remember with respect the patronage and support given in the development of sacred places related to Maha Vihara and Mahameuna when I was the Minister of Buddha Sasana. As the youngest monk to be the head of Atamasthana, his leadership in protecting and nurturing Atamasthana is invaluable.
I offer my condolences to all the fellow and student monks, relatives, friends, disciples and devotees who are saddened by the death of our prelate. I wish that Atamasthanadhipathi, the chief Prelate of North Central Division in Malwatu Mahavihara Chapter of Shyamopali Sect will attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana!

Dinesh Gunawardena
Prime Minister

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