Solve the administrative problems of Samurdhi officials before the upcoming budget... - Prime Minister

The Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena instructed officials to Solve the administrative problems of Samurdhi officials before the upcoming budget .He said that on 28.08.2023, at a meeting held at the Temple Trees to discuss the unresolved issues of Samurdhi officials.

The trade unions stated that there is a delay in the implementation of the decisions taken during the discussions regarding these issues that arose with the absorption of the Samurdhi Authority into a department.

The trade unions further stated that the decision to charge an additional 4 percent interest fee in the payment of the 60 percent provident Fund contribution owed to the government by the officers who expressed their preference under Section 44E(11) while being absorbed into the Samurdhi Department is unfair.

Special attention was paid to several issues such as approval of the carder of Samurdhi Development Department, establishment of Samurdhi officers in M N 02 salary scale, setting up of a promotion system, addition of Samurdhi regulator service period to Samurdhi development service period and payment of 4 percent surcharge with interest to Samurdhi development officials in payment of arrears for widows and orphans funds.

The officials explained the issues related to the ordinances, circulars and cabinet decisions that have hindered the resolution of these issues and the Prime Minister stated that at this moment of crisis, everyone’s commitment is required to resolve these contemporary situations.

The Secretary to the Prime Minister Mr. Anura Dissanayake said that as Samurdhi officials were absorbed into the Samurdhi Department, other authorities have been absorbed into the department, taking precedents of such cases and act to solve these problems promptly. He also pointed out that non-settlement of the problems of the government employees is a reason for the poor performance.

On this occasion, Member of Parliament Jagath Kumar, Secretary of the Public Administration Ministry K. D. N. Ranjith Ashoka, Secretary, Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment, Yamuna Perera, Director General, Samurdhi Development Department, R. B. P. Tillakasiri, other officers and representatives of the All Ceylon Samurdhi Development and Agricultural Research Production Assistant Officers Association participated.

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