Leading Chinese companies to enter industrial trade zones in Sri Lanka

Some of the leading Chinese investors expressed their interest to make large scale investments in selected industrial zones established by the government. They called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Prime Minister’s Office in Parliament on December 1st and stated interest in establishing industries in Trincomalee, Hambantota and other industrial zones.

The Prime Minister assured that proposed reforms to create an investment-friendly atmosphere will be enacted shortly and several additional facilities would be provided for foreign direct investments.

During the meeting with the Prime Minister, Chairman of Shenzhen Zhong Zhuang Construction Group Zhuan Zhong said his company could invest in several areas such as electronic and high-precision manufacture, solar thermal power, high-speed energy storage units, smart grid, photovoltaic power plants. The company invested in construction projects in the global energy industry in Greece, Morocco, Qinghai Delingha, Inner Mongolia, California, USA, South Australia and Taiwan.

Chairman of Dahua Paper Company, Wang Junxiong said his company could set up large paper industry to meet local demand and export to other countries.

Song Blinglian, Chairman, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Dongguan Petrochemical Association said Chinese investors could enter into electronics, mining and many other industries.

Dr. Lu Xing Nuclear Scientist and Nuclear Power Operational Safety Expert said Sri Lanka should explore the possibility of setting up nuclear power plants as that would assure uninterrupted supply of energy to industries as other there are difficulties in obtaining fuel and coal and solar and wind power are subject to weather vagaries.