The government intervenes in local government institutions with low revenue income... - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister mentioned this today (2024.07.11) at the occasion of presenting permanent appointment letters to employees of local government institutions in the Central Province, which was held at Karaliya Hall, Kandy.

The Prime Minister stated that -

Central Province is the heart of our country. Kandy has been preserved as a city that can show the identity of the country to the world. President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is working with special interest in transforming it into a more regular and progressive one, has prepared plans to turn Kandy into a developed city and a center of world heritage. With the responsibilities and posts assigned to you today, the ambition of making Kandy a developed city requires the dedication and determination of all of you.

The local government institutions established for daily public services in the three districts i.e. Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Matale in upcountry are rendering various services. Those of you who live in this province, after your education in the schools of this province, have taken positions in the government institutions of the province, accepted responsibilities and joined the task of improving the service of those institutions.

During the Covid crisis, there was pressure to remove private sector workers and close down factories. At that time, I suggested to the President and the Prime Minister that without removing the employees, we should make a new system and maintain the services continuously. At that time, the employers’ association, private organizations and trade unions united and took this matter forward. It was a special victory for employees. At that time, hundred thousands of private companies in India removed their employees and also government employees were sacked in many countries. At that time policies and new creative methods unique to Sri Lanka were adopted. We did not stop the payment of salaries to any government employee. The Ministry and the Treasury discussed and continued the process of paying salaries. No one was fired.

According to the constitution, the agreement of the governors was essential for this programme. The governors quickly gave their approval. At the time of taking this decision, it was said that the revenue income of certain local government institutions was insufficient. We identify the places where there are such crises and we provide intervention that can make up for the shortcomings of those institutions.

Kandy is world famous. It is a center of kingdoms that left an identity for the nation as the proud kingdom of all of us. A center where the Tooth relic is placed. Kandy developed city Perahara, the cultural grand festival that pays great tribute to the sacred Tooth relic, which is considered the biggest festival in Asia, is held in this city. Work for the development and protection of that proud center.

The President continues to give land deeds to the people of Upcountry to give the right of the land they live on. The new programme that you will hand over for the development of the plantation industry in the areas that have not yet been developed in the province has been proposed, approved and published in the document of the budget. We are working to achieve that goal.

We remember the time when our country fell into the most serious crisis, from political instability to instability of economy and life. Neighbouring friendly countries helped us to come out of it. Trust is the greatest strength we have received internationally. You gave us that trust. The farmers in the countryside have taken a new interest in the first year’s harvest and these countries have decided that the people of Sri Lanka have a lot of strength to overcome the economic crisis. We were in a negative economy. This year we have been able to transform it into a positive economy. The International Monetary Fund and allied countries announced that."

Taxi meters were also distributed at this event to regulate three-wheelers in Kandy city.

Central Province Governor Lalith U. Gamage, State Ministers Dilum Amunugama and Rohana Dissanayake, MP Yadamini Gunawardena, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Pradeep Yasaratne, District Secretaries and appointees participated in the event.

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