“Construction permitted by local government institutes must be in accordance with the development plan.” - Prime Minister

“Although certain shortcomings were existed, everyone should get together regardless of party or colour to reconstruct the country.” - MP Patali Champika Ranawaka

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena pointed out that Construction permitted by local government institutes must be directed according to the development plan. He said this at the District Secretary Conference which was held on 15.09.2023 at the State Ministry of Home Affairs under the patronage of Prime Minister.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated that

“Billions of funds were allocated by the monitory commission for development work. Clear guidelines have been given to contact the district secretaries and the governor in order to coordinate the success and completion of those projects. These guidelines were provided with the object of maximizing the regularity and effectiveness of financial allocations.

The time has been extended due to the inability to complete the “Aswasuma” program properly. Government Agents have involved to solve the prevailing problems. There is a need to involve the related departments.

Millions of compensations were paid for the victims of floods and rains. But no action was taken until another flood occurs. This kind of shortcomings exist in every district. Moreover it is the same case with the drought. So attention should be paid in this regard.

In granting approvals from local authorities, especially the presence of new residents along the river should be concerned in the development plan. Often they develop plots of lands, receive money and leave. The local government gives permission for these residences. Those who settle in those places have to face this problem.

MP Patali Champika Ranawaka, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Methods and Procedures, who spoke at this meeting said;

Still we cannot forecast the ensuing massive climatic conditions to come. A centre of obtaining such information has been established in Nawala. This needs to be implemented throughout the country. Although it is possible to tell how long it takes for the water to reach Hanwella and Thotalaga through the Kelani River when it rains in Nuwara Eliya, it is not the same case in the Mahaweli, Walawe and Kalu rivers. Seeing the situations that have happened all over the world in the last few days, we can expect emergency situations ahead. As an island, we have to face sudden rains, extreme temperatures and droughts. There is no point in talking about disasters like tsunami without making disaster management a main subject right now. Preparation should be made in this regard.

In that report, the number of people who do not go to school, who are hungry, who complete their education in O/L and A/L, the number of people who cannot provide food and who are affected by sudden calamities in each district are in percentages in that report. Focus your kind attention in that regard. Although the government has spent three times of money allocated for Samurdhi on social relief, the society has a chaos. We are unable to share because of a problem we have made. It’s better if the Government Agents intervened to solve it. So many shortcomings exist in this field. But everyone should unite to build the country regardless of party or color.

State Minister of Home Affairs, Ashoka Priyantha, State Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Janaka Vakkambura also gave comments.

Secretary to the Ministry of Public administration Ashoka Ranjith and other secretaries of ministries and government officials from related institutions joined this event.

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