Immediate steps will be taken to boost the business community in Pamunuwa, and Maharagama ... - Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena mentioned this when the Maharagama Divisional Coordination Committee met on 18.04.2024 under his Chairmanship.

The Prime Minister said that special business activities took place in Pamunwa and Maharagama areas during the New Year season and that he thanks all the businessmen who engaged in successful business activities as well as the police and other parties for maintaining the peace and creating a reliable environment in the Pamunwa market and Maharagama city for trading.

The Prime Minister commented -

"We need everyone’s support and participation to implement the new programme that is being carried out by the President and the government to make the process of fulfilling the hopes of the people that can make our country move towards the new determination that was made throughout the year. Last year, we did not receive lot of approved financial allocations. That is because of the economic and financial crisis. But as a country that is moving forward, financial provisions have been given to all the 320 Divisional Secretariat Divisions, in our province as well as whole Sri Lanka.

These provisions should reach the Grama Niladhari divisions. You all have to work together to achieve the goals. We expect your full support for implementing those goals. These funds have been given for the people and the people of the villages and their children, but not for individuals. Therefore, those goals can be met, and should be met. Maharagama Municipal Council, Divisional Secretariat, and all government officials are invited to support the Maharagama development programme.

Former Western Provincial Chief Minister Isura Devapriya, former Western Provincial Council members Upali Kodikara, Salochana Gamage, Kanthi Kodikara, and other government officials participated in this event.

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