Message of Condolences

I express my deepest condolences on the demise of R. Sampanthan (MP) who is a mature and experienced politician.

He entered the Parliament representing the Tamil United Liberation Front and his mature profile as a former opposition leader and a prudent public representative is of the highest value.

Being a central and decisive factor in Tamil national politics, he directly stood for the ideology of his faction as a leader of the Tamil National Alliance and as a common leader of the Tamil people.

He had an excellent understanding on parliamentary proceedings. There are many concepts that he has socialized for decades.

Regardless of the different ideologies between us, I remember with respect how he acted in the parliament for many years as a fellow parliamentarian.

I express my condolences to all the family members, relatives, friends, people and everyone related who are grieving his loss.

May the soul of demised MP R. Sampanthan rest in eternal peace.

Dinesh Gunawardena (M.P.)
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

On Monday 01st of July 2024

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