Expenditure Heads of the education system should be adjusted so that equal resources are available... - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister mentioned this on 23.06.2024 at the occasion of handing over the newly built three-storied building at Ananda Vidyalaya, Kottawa, to the students.

The Prime Minister speaking at the event commented-

"Utilizing new knowledge and new technology is the most necessary challenge for the current generation of students. We must prepare for that challenge. Through that challenge, we want to strengthen the path that our children can take towards the future.

Ananda Vidyalaya, Kottawa should collect the necessary strength to transform itself into a major school in Kottawa with the desire to plan for the future as well as every achievement. That is the way we can lead to the progress. One important area among the areas to be improved in the complex educational knowledge in schools is, the lack of resources.

The amount of resources that can be invested is less than the expected goals. That is why education sector is growing unevenly across the country. Competition has increased due to the available opportunities for a generation to reach targeted goals. The increase in competition also should lead to the desire to convert our children to gain good and deep knowledge.

The entire government is dedicated to the need of preparing a generation of teachers with the assistance of technical knowledge and various training courses from foreign countries. All these children should become children who can take responsibilities in the future of the country. Knowledge is being given so that both our sons and daughters can enter into every situation in today’s society and take any responsibility.

The number of existing schools and that are being built, are properly and well managed. But the expenditure heads of our education system should be adjusted to the need to make our children move to the end of schooling with ample resources. We can be satisfied as parents and as a school, if only the continuation of education, which is greatest gift we can give to our children, is assured in this manner."

MP Yadamini Gunawardena, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Pradeep Yasaratne, Principal of Ananda Vidyalaya, Kottawa Disna Welikala, Former Minister of the Provincial Council Upali Kodikara, President of the Old Boy’s Association of the school Duminda Sanjeewa Balasuriya, teachers, students and parents participated in this event.

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