What we should do today is to support the further development and take forward the recognition our country has received in the international community... - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Many issues including property rights of citizens are resolved by utilizing the valuable documents collected by the registrars...

If your challenging duty is not done well, it will be the beginning of many problems...

The Prime Minister made these comments at the meeting of rural registrars held at the Temple Trees today (28.06.2024).

The Prime Minister who further commented said that -

"You are fulfilling a huge responsibility for the survival and progress of human society. You may face problems when some long standing rules are changed. In such cases, the government has an obligation to resolve those issues through friendly negotiations. Even if you do a difficult and satisfying job with the citizens, if you don’t do it right, it will be the beginning of many problems.

Three elders who had gone abroad 40 years ago because of the unrest in the country came to meet us. No record of them can be found. They could only show where they lived. From then on, it could be traced back through your valuable documents to confirm their ownership. Jaffna Mayor Duraiappah was shot dead when he returned to Jaffna after expressing his support for the then Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike. After 40 years, his child who lived abroad came to Sri Lanka for his legacy. Such problems can be solved by using the valuable documents you have collected. You are engaged in such a valuable, challenging, duty.

There was a time when we could ride in the bus for five cents, but today we can’t buy anything for five cents. It is one of the characteristics of how the world economy grows and how inflation works. That’s why our salaries are not fixed at single point. The economy expands to meet the conditions arising from the increase in the requirements of consumption, income and expenditure.

We had a difficult time. We are all people born after World War II. Such a difficult situation did not arise after that war. It is said that our ancestors lived in that times during the war by eating Bajiri. Without allowing such a period to be created again in the country, you are part of the people involved in the public service who help save the country from the economic crisis. Your support is needed to create confidence in the citizens that can maintain the satisfaction of the society.

There was a time when a cheque was sent to a foreign country, it was discarded without being realized. International negotiations were stuck in such a difficult situation. In order to correct it, the IMF and the aiding countries, all the international credit institutions have accepted our country again. What we need to do is to further support this growth.."

State Minister Mr. Ashoka Priyantha -

"We have a ministry and a department that covers every area of the land in Sri Lanka. You are the owners of a department that is one hundred and sixty years old, and that will last as long as the country exists. You are bound to preserve and register documents of titles. It is the responsibility of those in the field to protect, and protect the respect of this important historical department.

Prime Minister as the Minister of Public Administration, the and I as the State Minister took over an account that could not even pay the salaries of the government officials. Utilizing the Prime Minister’s mature knowledge, political intelligence and social experience, he worked to ensure firstly, the food security of the people. There was no way to go to a village or an office at a time when politicians were refused. Some educated and intelligent people who hold positions also misused the law. At such a time, the Prime Minister said that let’s start from the village.

We developed a food safety nutrition method. With the support of government officials in the village, it was advised to grow in every inch of the land. We spent two years where we could not go to the market and buy nutritious food, even though we had money. Within six months, food insecurity was finished and food security was restored. Many people are sick on the streets today. Teachers are sick. I’m glad you’re not sick. Taking sick leave is a right given by the constitution and fundamental rights and circulars. This is a country that right is misused and gets sick by informing two days.

Two years ago, when everyone said they can’t, our Prime Minister started this journey by aligning with the President, and that matching is important. It is in the harmony that was built that the government moved forward in this way and resolved the problems and brought the country to a position where it could pay salaries to government officials. Nowadays, a country has been built where you can have a wedding. If we don’t remember about this, the value of the sacrifice made by everyone will be lost. We have not yet become a country where everything has been completed and the problems have been solved completely.

One may won their demands by influencing the government in the face of an election or any other issue. But in the next two or three months, not the increased salary, but the current salary could not even be paid. What we should do is to raise the country’s economy, resolve the chaos and move forward, and win rights in a victorious country. Because of some blindness, some statements without a clear vision, the country may today fall down from the present situation. Therefore, we may have to go back to the situation which was two years ago. All the energy, support, etc. that you have given to move the country forward will become useless."

Member of Parliament Yadamini Gunawardena, officials including Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Pradeep Yasaratne, Colombo District Secretary Ginige Prasanna Janaka Kumara, former Colombo District Secretary and Prime Minister’s Coordinator K. G. Wijesiri, and Registrar General W. R. A. N. S. Wijayasinghe participated in this event.

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