Verite Research presents Blueprint for ’Blueprint for a Rational Government’ to PM

Verite Research presented its Blueprint for ‘Blueprint for a Rational Government to Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Temple Trees in Colombo today (May 10).

Presenting its Blueprint, Virite Executive Director Nishan de Mel said the proposal contains how all the duties, functions, institutions, and laws in Sri Lanka can be structured and organized in an efficient and effective manner.

It draws on the work of the acclaimed 1988 Administrative Reform Commission as well as exemplary international practices, to design a highly functional structure for organising government and all its activities in Sri Lanka. The design of this Blueprint is based on minimising two significant problems that can arise in the formation of cabinet ministers.

The proposal suggests limiting the number of cabinet ministers to 15. Verite Executive Director pointed out frequent changes of subjects allocated to ministries make the government less functional. “For instance, from 2010 to 2023, the compositions of ministries, including the institutions, and acts assigned to them, were changed by at least 111 gazettes, with each of these gazettes usually making multiple changes to the structure of government,” he said.

The Prime Minister advised the Verite team to explain the rationale of the proposal to political parties and members of parliament.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Anura Dissanayke was also present on this occasion.

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