Proud to associate with a procession that moved forward despite the threats and restrictions... - Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena placed the sacred relics casket on the elephant in the last Randoli Maha Perahera of the historical Navagamuwa Pattini Mahadevala on 02.09.2023. He said that he was proud to associate with this important procession that moved forward despite the threats and restrictions over the years.

The Prime Minister further said;

This 1800-year-old perahara and charitable work has been able to move forward continuously because of its strong and glorious legacy. By receiving various supports from various provinces to this Raja Maha Vihara, our art has been given a special honour year after year by combining various cultural elements to the prcession.

It is with great respect and gratitude that the Boralugoda Gunawardena family has been able to join forces throughout this century to establish Navagamu Rajamaha Vihara as a community event and continue to join the efforts to develop it. Throughout this century, starting from Boralugoda Ralahami, there is pride in being able to move forward with the important perahera despite threats and restrictions that have arisen in different periods.

Our Hevagam Korala has an immortal place in history. Kaduwela, beyond Navagamuwa, is not just a name. Even today, our country remembers this area as the place of national heroes who fought against foreign forces and drove them out for the sake of independence of the Motherland. Kaduwela, is a place of great battles, freedom, culture, security and identity of the motherland. The story of the history is full of the battles against foreign army and they are remembered in every village, both sides of the river.

I remember coming to this cultural festival with my father as a child and watching the perahera. It was something that happened continuously.

Our country went through many difficulties. From that most difficult period, we are coming with confidence to the period where the citizen can win again. It is a very important moment for the future development of the country. As a country, as a nation, we are bound to fulfill our duty to protect the great guidance that Buddhism bequeathed to a civilized world and a noble civilization.

Ven Malwane Pannnananda Thero, head of Navagamuwa Rajamaha Vihara Kalyaniwamsa Dharma Sangha, Ven Maharagama Nandasiri Thero, Anunayake Kollupitiya Valukarama, Ven Dhammarathana Thero, Secretary of Kalyaniwamsa Dharma Sangha, Ministers of State Shashindra Rajapaksa, Diana Gamage, Members of Parliament Jagath Kumara. , Premanath Dolawatta, Jayantha Katagoda, Yadamini Gunawardena and many public representatives and devotees joined this event.

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