Frequently Asked Questions

01. The methods of submitting a request/query/complaint/grievance to the Hon. Prime Minister by the public:
  • Forwarding a letter by Post to the following address: No. 58, Sir Ernest de Silva Mawatha, Colombo 07.
  • Fax: 0117481514
  • WhatsApp: 0719997722
  • Email:
  • By handing over to the Public Relations Division
02. How to know the current status of public requests/queries/complaints/grievances?
  • The registration number will be notified through SMS, if the mobile number is mentioned in the request letter.
  • A copy of every letter sent to institutions will be forwarded to the concerned party by mail, email, or, if a number is provided, WhatsApp.
  • Will also be notified via telephone to expedite responses to requests.
03. What is the follow-up procedure on requests/queries/complaints/grievances raised by the public?

Nominated officers have been appointed in all Ministries/ Departments/ Provincial Council Ministries/ District Secretariats/ Divisional Secretariats for prompt response to such requests presented to the Hon. Prime Minister and the Prime Minister's Secretary, and inquiries will be made through email from them until a final answer or solution is received.

The requests/queries/ complaints/grievances/questions that are forwarded regularly to this Division can be shown as follows:

  • What is the time to visit the Public Relations Division?
    between 8:30 am and 4.15 p.m on any working day of the week
  • Where is the Public Relations Division located?
    On the right-hand section of the 1st floor In the Lotus Building within the premises of Temple Trees.
  • What language can be used?
    Can be submitted in Sinhala, Tamil and English.