Human Resource Management & Admin Division
  1. Personal file updating
    • Permanent staff
    • Personal Staff
  2. Disciplinary proceedings of the staff
  3. All functions related to daily mail in Prime Minister's Office
  4. Functions related to human resource development
  5. Functions related to leave of officers
  6. Overtime allowances, travel expenses payments
  7. Provision of information related to the Freedom of Information Act
  8. Obtaining Telephone, TV, Internet access and bill settlement
  9. Preparation of Citizens’ Charter
  10. Proper maintenance of archives
  11. Activities related to increasing the productivity of the Prime Minister's Office
  12. Office Petty Cash, Interim Advances and Emergency Interim Advances
  13. Loans related to Advance "B" Account of Government Officials
  14. Functions pertaining to granting permission for officials to go abroad for official duties or pleasure that require the Hon. Prime Minister's approval
  15. Dealing with allotment of temporary accommodation, quarters, circuit bungalows
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Logistics & Supply Services Division
Maintenance Sub Division - Duties
  1. All management activities related to vehicles belonging to the Prime Minister's Office
  2. Taking over vehicles from other agencies on duty
  3. Issuance of fuel coupons for vehicles belonging to the Prime Minister's vehicle pool and issuance of fuel orders for pool vehicles
  4. Updating the data system including vehicle information and driver information
  5. In the event of vehicular accidents, taking the necessary steps forward
Transport Sub Division - Duties
  1. Maintenance works at Sirimatipaya, Temple Trees, Nuwara Eliya Prime Minister's Residence
  2. Activities related to the provision of accomodation to the officers of the Prime Minister's Security Division, the officers of the Media Division and the officers of the Prime Minister's Office on the basis of rent
  3. Supply of generators for the Prime Minister's Office, Temple trees, Nuwara Eliya Prime Minister's Residence and related activities
  4. Provision of infrastructure related to landscaping of the Prime Minister's Office
  5. Reaching into Agreements, Contract Extensions and Bill Settlement related to the cleaning duties of the Prime Minister's Office, Temple Treesand Wijerama Official Residence
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Development Division I
Development I - Planning Division
  1. Prepreration of Annual Acation Plan
  2. Preperation of Annual progress Report
  3. Preparion of the Prime Minister's Office Performance Report on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  4. Preparation of all quarterly returns of the year based on annual action plan
Development I (Policy Coordination Division)

This Division contributes to providing necessary support for the achievement of the work and tasks assigned to him, subject to the provisions of the Prime Minister, based on state policy, as well as enhancing the economic as well as social development of the country by facilitating and facilitating the necessary coordination for the implementation of government policies.ment policies.

Accordingly, the functions performed by the Development I - Policy Coordination Division are as follows.

  1. Coordinating the discussions chaired by the Hon. Prime Minister and the Prime Minister's Secretary.
  2. Carrying out proper follow-up activities and reporting the progress regarding the decisions coming in those discussions.
  3. Coordinating the discussions held concurrently with the Cabinet sub-committees, committees chaired by the Hon. Prime Minister, and the committees chaired by the Prime Minister's Secretary.
  4. Carrying out proper follow-up activities and reporting the progress regarding the decisions coming in those discussions.
  5. Conducting inter-ministerial and institutional coordination and necessary intervention on timely identified policy, reform, and restructuring issues.
  6. Identifying current development problems, analyzing those problems, and preparing study reports.
  7. Coordinating with government institutions, non-government institutions, and international institutions related to the current development problems and making necessary interventions.
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Development Division II
Program Management Unit
  1. Dealing with letters personally delivered to the Honorable Prime Minister, special letters sent by the Prime Minister's Secretary, request letters received from political authorities representing Parliament, Provincial Councils, and local government bodies, and request letters received by mail to the Prime Minister's Office that require special attention.
  2. Implementation of Western Province Metropolitan Plan - 2048
  3. Establishment of "Jana Sabha System" to strengthen participatory democracy
Development Strategy Unit and Livelihood Development Unit
  1. Launch of "National Water Resources Strategy" for sustainable development of water resources
  2. Implementation of the poverty alleviation program proposed to be implemented under China-Sri Lanka cooperation
  3. Capacity building of micro, small and medium enterprises
  4. Activities of the Technical Advisory Committee on Food Safety and Nutrition
  5. Establishment of National Operations Center
Parliamentary and Cabinet Affairs Unit
  1. Completing the process of drafting the Cabinet Memorandums / Cabinet Notes submitted by the Hon. Prime Minister to the Cabinet Office and carrying out related coordination activities
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Development Division III
  1. Granting approval for the establishment of the National Policy Commission
  2. A national program aimed at raising awareness during the National Vesak week and continuously regarding mindfulness
  3. Implementation of e-motoring project and revision of contractual services and charges
  4. Reviewing the role of the Department of Commerce
  5. To collect and improve government revenue by establishing an effective information technology system
  6. National Steering Committee for Sustainable Development Goals
  7. Drafting of a national policy that includes the criteria and criteria to be based on the acceptance of medical degree programs of internationally recognized universities in Sri Lanka
  8. Provision of passports for all countries to Sri Lankans displaced in South India
  9. Digital Economy Strategies Policy
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Accounts Division

Implementation of good and sound financial management strategies and ensuring sound financial reporting to fulfil the role constitutionally assigned to the Prime Minister's Office.

  1. Financial planning and budgetary control.
  2. Purchase, maintenance of assets, safeguarding of those assets, annual inventory survey activities, and maintenance of records regarding assets following procurement procedures.
  3. Preparation of annual financial statements, preparation of management reports, and preparation of annual reconciliation reports with respect to imprest accounts, maintaining the limits of the advance “B” account of government officials.
  4. Coordination with government auditors and providing necessary information and support for annual audits.
  5. Arrangement of the salaries of all the officers of the Prime Minister's Office, including payment of advances and other allowances and dealing with recurrent and capital expenditures.
  6. Purchase of consumables required for office work and carrying out stock control activities regarding those materials.
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Public Relations Division
  1. Providing relief to the proposals and requests sent to the Hon. Prime Minister seeking relief regarding any problem that has affected the public
  2. To provide them with effective service from government agencies
  3. Directing government institutions to respond promptly to the public and follow up to a final answer
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ICT Division
  1. In order to establish a people-centred government, to provide access to information about the decisions and actions taken by the Prime Minister's office led by the Prime Minister, and to provide access to the people, as necessary, to constantly develop and maintain the official website of the Prime Minister's Office in an active state.
  2. Keeping the office network systems and email server of the Prime Minister up-to-date and active to ensure more reliable and efficient official data communication.
  3. Creation and improvement of data systems to carry out the work of the Prime Minister's Office more efficiently and effectively.
    Data systems that have been created and are being created so far:
    • Short Message Service (SMS) System for Communicating Prime Minister's Emergency Messages to Government Officials
    • Transportation Management System
    • Documentation Management System
    • Management data system designed to enable entry of public sector workforce review data
    • Asset Management Data System
    • Initiative to create Human Resource Data Management System and Warehouse Management System
  4. Issuance of internal circulars as per current requirements and conduct awareness workshops on the same to ensure information and cyber security.
  5. Establishment and maintenance of a Data Recovery Site (DR Site) to ensure uninterrupted use of Prime Minister's Office data systems.
  6. Development of infrastructure and provision of services related to the organisation of online meetings.
  7. Provision of resources for training sessions on the use of office software and on the use of internally developed software systems in the Prime Minister's Office to increase the IT knowledge of the officers.
  8. Conducting technical evaluations for information and communication technology purchases.
  9. Provision of monitoring and recommendations as required by ICT project implementations in the public sector.
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Internal Audit
  1. Conducting first audit and management committee meetings in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Management Audit 28.02.2023 Meeting minutes were submitted to the relevant sections.
  2. Conducting Second audit and management committee meetings in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Management Audit
  3. Sending the quarterly assessment report of the Chief Internal Auditor to the Department of Management Audit
    • The Assessment report for the fourth quarter of 2022 has been sent on
    • The Assessment report for the first quarter of 2023 has been sent on
    • The Assessment report for the second quarter of 2023 has been sent on
  4. Sending quarterly reports in response to the Audit and Management Circular No: DMA/2009(1) dated 09.06.2009 to the National audit Office
  5. Sending quarterly compliance report to the Department of Management Audit (Form 6)
    • Submission of Quarterly compliance Report -first quarter
    • Submission of Quarterly compliance Report - 2nd quarter
  6. Conducting internal audit activities and reporting the audit observations to the Secretary to the Prime Minister with recommendations.
  7. Verification of payments vouchers
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Media and Communication Division
  1. Collection of information and publication of documents related to Hon. Prime Minister
  2. Issuing necessary announcements for the media related to the Parliamentary affairs of the Hon.Prime Minister
  3. Social media activities related to the Hon. Prime Minister
  4. Provision of souvenirs to students who come to visit the Temple Trees.
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Legal Division
  1. Coordination and analysis of legal functions in the Prime Minister's Office.
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