Surplus rice stocks are distributed among low income earners

"The government is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund to provide more relief to low-income earners.

* Now almost all the countries of the world have declared their support to Sri Lanka. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

The Prime Minister mentioned this when free rice was distributed to low income earners under the government’s programme to purchase and disposal of paddy in Maha season on 26.03.2023 at Maharagama.

The Prime Minister speaking at the occasion declared that:

Today, it has been possible to deliver rice to the low-yielding areas of the country, as there is a surplus in several rice-growing districrs. It was possible to take a leading approach especially in terms of rice.

The government took steps to alleviate various problems faced by the farmers who have a great potential and made it possible to produce rice following a rigorous battle with the earth.

We are a blessed nation who can plant anything on its soil and enjoy its fruits in no time. It will take only sixty days to bear fruit if something is planted on this earth. This earth is such a rich piece of land to make its people enjoy the best of it.

We offer our respect and gratitude to the officials of the Divisional Secretariat as well as to all the households who joined in gardening from village to village.

Our farmers were able to make Hambantota district a place where it is possible to send its surplus to another district. As the Prime Minister, I held a long discussion about this with the farmers of the area last week. With the agreement to send the surplus of that district to the Colombo district, under the coordination of the District Secretary, it was possible for us to launch a program of providing rice to every low-income family facing food difficulties as per the President’s decision. It is indeed a victory.

We demand that the amount of fuel given to the vehicles is not enough. The amount of oil given to vehicles is burnt. We bring it from abroad. It needs foreign exchange. It is something we burn to make use of it. But when the farmers produce rice, it is possible to provide it to areas where the produce is less. Thus we have solved basic problems of the country and working to build a better tomorrow.

I have worked with the people of Maharagama for forty years as a Member of Parliament. I have given the adults, youth and children all the support I can give. We are bound to perform that service for you then and even today without any political favour.

Let’s get through this difficult time that our country is facing today hand in hand and in unity.

Internationally, almost all the countries of the world have now expressed their ability to help us. The opportunity is available for us to deal with foreign countries and banks. All the banks that have suspended transactions expressed their support to us.

The decision of all banks to work with the banks of Sri Lanka since last week the first step was taken in the process of our country’s revival.

We are working hard to ease the cost of living more by relaxing the laws enacted on imports.

As a Member of Parliament who has been selected by your mandate, I took over the post of Prime Minister when our country fell into the greatest danger in its history.

The President assumed the presidency to facilitate you and me and the country to get out of this crisis and gain confidence once again. The government has started negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to increase the allowance when the ongoing program of collecting information about low-income earners is completed.

We will be able to start this program in every district of Sri Lanka and complete it in the next few days.

This is a victory of our farmers. It was not brought from abroad. I expect that you will enjoy this achievement full of satisfaction.

Yadamini Gunawardena MP, Colombo District Secretary, Maharagama Divisional Secretary and other officials were present on this event.

Prime Minister’s Media Division