May Day Message

Let us, as Sri Lankans, celebrate the 137th International Labour Day in a land with an immemorial history nourished by the blood and sweat of the working people.

Today we celebrate the Workers’ Day amidst the reminiscence of an unprecedented economic crisis in history. Many countries in the world that faced such crises were rebuilt with the strength of the working people. We are also gifted with that huge asset. The farmers took the initiative to rebuild our economy. First, the farmers took the lead in making the country self-sufficient. Thus there was a new awakening in every field. Therefore, on World labour Day, we resolve to strive for a better future than the one we were in.

We will not ignore the rights of working people in the name of any agreement. Let’s move forward based on the decisions made through a tripartite discourse of government, employer, and employee.

We have rendered many victories to the working people of our country. On this World Day of the Workers, let’s make the country a growing economy based on those victories, reverse the efforts of conspiratorial forces, safeguard the hard won rights and build our motherland.

Dinesh Gunawardena
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


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