Leader of Rathugala indigenous clan, Suda Vannila Aththo met Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena in Monaragala on 03.08.2023.

Suda Vannila Aththo explained to the Prime Minister that their sources of income through gathering of fruits and vegetables, honey, medicinal plants, leaves for local cigarettes and fresh water fishing in a natural area of the forest have been crippled due to some laws and lack of mediation by various institutions. He stated the fact that they are deprived of the facilities enjoyed by low income earners.

He further said that he is expected to meet with the Prime Minister along with the leaders of all the major ancestral colonies including Uruwarige Vannilaththo and discuss these issues extensively.

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We did not reduce public service despite criticism and demands for reduction - Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena speaking at the National Integration Participatory Development Program, ’Aluth Gamak- Aluth Ratak’ held at the Monaragala District Secretariat on 03.08.2023 said that the government continued to maintain the public service in spite of suggestions casted to make a reduction in the number.

The Prime Minister further stated that Sri Lanka faced a crisis in currency and a dilemma internationally. ‘‘International support and friendship is needed to overcome the crisis. Countries that have faced the same crises have not come out of it so quickly. I meet the leaders and envoys of other countries and all of them said that they are proud of Sri Lanka’s recovery’’.
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Esala Poya sermon “Dharma Deepani” at the Temple Trees.

President of Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Sangha Sabha, Acting Maha Nayaka, Maha Nayaka of Rassagala Vihara Paarshavaya of Amarapura Maha Nikaya, Retired Deputy Director of Education Sabaragamuwa Province, Ven Prof. Karagoda Uyangoda Maitri Murthy Mahanayake Thera conducted the Dharma Deepani Poya day sermon at the Prime Minister’s Office at the Temple Trees on August 1.

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Literature keeps a nation alive while being an incentive for innovative thinking Imparting technical knowledge to the children who drop out of schools is yet to be accomplished - Prime Minister

“Sankathana Mandapaya” academic discourse of the Temple Trees which is organized by the Prime Minister’s Office has been assigned for the recognition of the role played in the field of Literature by Dr Leel Gunasekara one of the senior administrative officers. The book launching ceremony of "The Petition" which is the English translation of “Pethsama” written by veteran Dr. Leel Gunasekara has taken place on this occasion.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated that,

Actually Dr. Leel Gunasekara is another asset which enriches the never ending river of Sri Lankan literature. Literature keeps a nation alive. It allows a nation to think anew. I see it as a blessing that  MORE >>

Japan to boost human resource development in Sri Lanka

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena thanked Japan for continuous assistance to Sri Lanka and said the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on JDS human resource development scholarship scheme is yet another landmark in bilateral cooperation.

The MoU was signed by Japanese Ambassador Mizukoshi Hideaki, and the Secretary to Ministry of Finance, Mahinda Siriwardene in the presence of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena and the visiting Foreign Minister of japan Yoshimasa Hayashi at the Temple Trees today.

The Prime Minister said the high level visit from Japan to Sri Lanka was very useful in order to explore potential projects on ports, airports, railways, renewable energy, maritime cooperation and mutual efforts to hei MORE >>

What is important is not to allow a country to be bankrupt subsequent to a financial crisis, but the endeavour of recovery as a nation - Prime Minister

The Prime Minister emphasized that endeavour to recover from the financial crisis is more important than allowing a country to fall into bankruptcy. He said this while handing over the new three-storied building of Avissawella President College, which was renovated at a cost of Rs 300 000/- This three-storied building has been modernized by the provisions of the provincial council according to the proposal of Mr. Yadamini Gunawardena, Member of Parliament.

Speaking on the occasion Prime Minister stated that –

At past, our teachers said that opening of a school leads to closure of a prison. In the distant past, children in rural schools thatched with coconut palm leaves travelled the journey of education thro MORE >>

Finalize the Aswesuma bank account opening process by this weekend and take prompt action for payment of benefits - Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena instructed the officers to finalize the Aswesuma bank account opening process for the payment of social welfare benefits by this weekend and take immediate action thereafter disburse the payments to the beneficiaries.

Issues regarding the Aswasuma programme and the problems related to particular area were discussed at the Maharagama Divisional Coordination Committee meeting which was chaired by the Prime Minister on 27.07.2023 at the Maharagama Divisional Secretariat Auditorium.

At the same time it was emphasized that bank accounts should be opened immediately for those who have not opened bank accounts for the payment of social welfare benefits.

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Prime Minister discusses issues pertaining to “Aswasuma”

A discussion was held on the issues that have arisen during the implementation of “Aswasuma” under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena on 26.07.2023 at Temple Trees.

It was discussed at length regarding the issues with regard to the implementation of the criteria of elderly, disabled and kidney patients when they were considered in “Aswasuma “ and the immediate solution of other problems that have arisen.

State Ministers Shehan Semasinghe, Ashoka Priyantha, Secretary to the Prime Minister Anura Dissanayake ,Secretary to the Public Administration Ranjith Ashoka, Chairman of “ Aswasuma” B. Wijeratne and other government officials participated in this event.

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What is the purpose of creating a generation that does not know the history and culture of the country? - Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that it’s useless to create a generation that does not know the history and culture of the country. He said this while addressing the ceremony held at Temple Trees on 26.07.2023 to award Higher Diploma and Diploma Certificates of Buddhism.

Certificates were awarded to 1544 diploma and higher diploma holders of the Daham Sarasaviya who followed the Diploma Course of Buddhism which was jointly implemented by the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka and the Department of Buddhist Affairs.

Speaking on the occasion the Prime Minister stated that-

Development of the requisite knowledge, attitude and skills of the teachers working in Dhamma schools with MORE >>

Korea plans new development projects in Sri Lanka in addition to early completion of ongoing projects – Korean Ambassador

Ambassador of Republic of Korea, Ms Miyon Lee said that her country would work on few new development projects in Sri Lanka in addition to early completion of the ongoing projects.

She said the when Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena urged her to take effective steps to resume some of the ongoing infrastructure development projects that were halted due to economic crisis and the issue of debt restructuring.

The new Korean Ambassador, who called on Prime Minister at the Temple Trees today (July 25) said her country will consider the request made by the Prime Minister to assist projects on water treatment, sanitation, sewage disposal systems and dry zone agriculture.

The Prime Minister said Korea ha MORE >>

Chongqing government to help poverty alleviation and rice production in Sri Lanka

A high level delegation from Chongqing CPC Municipal Committee Secretary Dr Yuan Jiajun, who is also a member of Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Politbureau called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Temple Trees today (July 22).

The Prime Minister requested the delegation to share Chongqing’s experience of successfully alleviating poverty and ensuring food security by using hybrid rice and other food crops to increase production by several times.

Dr Yuan Jiajun assured that China would extend fullest cooperation by encouraging large scale investments in industrial and agricultural spheres. He also agreed to provide experts on hybrid rice varieties and other food crops to Sri Lank MORE >>

One should honestly admit that the country has reached a satisfactory position – Ven Kirinde Assaji Thera

As the President and Prime Minister joned hands, it was possible to take the country to a positive path avoiding a clash between the executive and the legislature – Ven Udawela Kolitah Thera

After performing pirith at the Prime Minister’s Office today (22) to mark the completion of first year in office by Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, the monks stated that the country has made a satisfactory progress during the last 12 months.

Ven Kirinde Assaji Thera said it is obvious to everyone about the progress in the country. If anyone expresses an opinion honestly, that person will admit that the country has reached a satisfactory position during the past one year.

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Sri Lanka’s economic recovery process in last 12 months remarkable – Chinese Ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Qi Shenhong said Sri Lanka has made an impressive progress in its efforts to overcome economic crisis during the first year of the new government. He congratulated Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena when he called on him at the Temple Trees earlier this week.

The Prime Minister thanked China for its continuous support to Sri Lanka. He made a special mention about recent Chinese offer of school bags, stationary, clothing for school uniforms and educational equipment to the schools across the country.

The Prime Minister said Sri Lanka would welcome direct private investments as well as investments in agriculture, renewable energy, irrigation and water supply sectors to provide long  MORE >>