Water is life. There is no alternative to that.

The unparalleled expertise of our ancestors on water management has amazed the world. They took care not to leave even a single drop of water fell from the sky to be flowed to the sea without making use of it. They have protected and managed the water sources and water cascades with their utmost effort in order to preserve for future generations.

Protection and conservation of water resources has become a major challenge in the face of current globalization and rapid urbanization. The world today is on the brink of a drinking water crisis. The next world war will be for water unless we secure watersheds and watercourses, and preserve the drinking water produced at a great cost.

Therefore, the immediate challenge of creating water security for the next generation by working with a good vision using modern knowledge and technology is faced by us.

When I was the Minister of Water Supply, in addition to the large, medium and small scale water supply projects that were launched from the city to remote villages, the Community Water Supply Department was established by bringing together rural community water supply projects, as an example and for the continued success of community water supply projects based on the contribution of communities that bears the feeling of ’This is mine, this is ours’.

I consider it very important that the Ministry of Water Supply, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board be active in order to achieve the expected future goals by working with an optimal national development programme.

It will be very important for the National Water Supply and Drainage Board to be active on innovative concepts as per this year’s World Water Day theme ’Water for Peace’.

Dinesh Gunawardena (M.P.),
Prime Minister,
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

22nd March 2024