Everyone should accept that the Rupee has depreciated and the cost of living has become unaffordable. Whatever the position we hold, the people should be told the truth - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena says that everyone should accept that the Rupee has depreciated and the cost of living has risen unbearably. Whatever the position we hold, we should tell the truth to the people, he added.

The Prime Minister stated this while addressing the 77th Anniversary of the General Assembly of All Ceylon Harbor and Dock Workers Union in Colombo on 01.11.2022.

"The people directly have to bear the disadvantage of the economic setback that occurs when the Rupee is depreciated. Therefore, the time has come to reconsider some proposals and make changes,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that there should be no doubt about how much the Rupee will depreciate in the future and the Prime Minister also mentioned that the government has taken steps for the recovery of the economy the best possible way.

Expressing his confidence that the most difficult period of the country will be eased within the next few months, the Prime Minister emphasized that the whole country should make a great effort to get out of the international debt problem faced by the country.

Mr. Yadamini Gunawardena MP, Mr.Tissa Yapa Attorney- at- Law and the General Secretary of the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna, Mr. Sena Sirimanna The treasurer and Mr. Ajith Bandara Trade Union Secretary also participated in this event.