Top water priorities; Drinking water and irrigation - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Currently, Sri Lanka is facing many challenges including food security and nutrition. Priorities should be identified in water use and our government is working in collaboration with all institutions related to water management in the country. The Prime Minister expressed these views in an event organized by the International Water Management Institute affiliated to the United Nations held on the 28.11.2022.

The government has paid more attention to food security and making the Maha season a success is a major requirement. The Prime Minister said that it was important to pay attention to the recycling programs to reuse the water that has been used. Many urban areas with drinking water problems have been identified and many measures will be taken in the future to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to those people he said.

"Farmers face floods at various times in the country. The service done by the International Water Management Institute for the people in facing such climate changes is commendable. There may be many problems related to water resources in the future and water management is an essential tool to deal with them”.

Premier Gunawardena expressed his happiness about the projects currently being implemented by the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka including irrigation and productivity, groundwater management, improving resilience to climate change, waste management and wetland conservation. He further stated that the active contribution of the institute is expected to improve our water resources for the social and economic revival of the country.
Director General of International Water Management Institute Dr. Mark Smith, Dr. P. Ramanujam, Dr. Rachel MacDonald and Secretary to the Prime Minister- Mr. Anura Dissanayake were also present on this occasion.