Fourteen hundred thousand acres owned by the temples were confiscated by the British government. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena recalled that Fourteen hundred thousand acres owned by our temples were confiscated by the then British government. He said this while speaking at the ceremony of awarding credentials for the title of Anunayaka of Ramagna Maha Nikaya to Venerable Sri Sugatha Sasanavamshalankara Kavidhaja Vimalavamsavithamsa Dharmakeerthi Sri Saddharmasoori Dr. Waleboda Gunasiri Thera of Sri Jayawardenepura Mayurapada Pirivena on 14.05.2023.

The Prime Minister in his speech highlighted that;

“Acknowledging the great service that the Venerable Waleboda Nayaka Thera has performed for the perpetuation of Buddha Sasana, will be an impetus to the hearts of the Buddhist people of our country.

Sri Lanka Vidyalaya is immortal in our country’s national history as well as Buddhist history. Most Venerable Baddegama Vimalawansa, the founder of Mayurapada Pirivena, performed a great task in our national revival. Sri Lanka Vidyalaya had been decisive to the program carried out by the most Venerable Thera who has given birth to a generation of Sanghas as well as moulding thousands of students.

He also intervened in the publication of the report of the Buddha Sasana Commission. The British government confiscated fourteen hundred thousand acres belonging to the temples owned by the Sambuddha Sasana. That is the main point mentioned in this Sambuddha Sasana report.

There are many measures to be taken for the development of the education sector. We also remember how our Venerable Dr. Waleboda Anunayake Thera made various commitments for the education sector. Not only at the University of Peradeniya, but also at the Sri Lanka College, he took part in various missionary movements around the world and contributed to bring its benefit to the common people.

We must mention that you have given exemplary leadership with determination and commitment along with the support of various contributors to the responsibility of maintaining Mayurapada Pirivena for a long time”, concluded the Prime Minister.

Members of Maha Sangha, opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, former President Maithripala Sirisena, Chairman of Sri Lanka Ramanna Maha Nyakayaraksha Sabha former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Ministers Wijedasa Rajapakshe, Vidura Wickramanayake, State Minister Lasanta Alagiyawanna, Parliamentarians Yadamini Gunawardena, Jagath Kumara, Pradeep Undugoda and many contributors were present on this occasion.

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