In the future, it will be possible to receive graduation one year earlier. - Prime Minister.

Exams should be conducted on time and results should be given on time.

There are many human resources that have bequeathed by Vishakha, which brought pride to the nation.

The Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena announced that exams should be conducted on time and results should be given on time. It will lead to receive graduation one year earlier. Moreover Vishakha has bequeathed many human resources which brought pride to the nation. He expressed these views on 15.09.2023 while attending the prize giving ceremony of Vishakha Vidyalaya.

Speaking on the occasion the Prime Minister stated that.

Vishakha Vidyalaya which has begun as the Buddhist Ladies’ College,added great exemplary gifts to the education sector of the country.This educational journey which was started by Mrs. Jeremias Diyas –Panadura, not only created a school, but it has become a central source of education that guides a generation of women who can transform the education sector. Being able to continue it under a systematic plan is a matter of satisfaction. This Ladies’ college has moved towards other special fields later.

Vishakha began to shine nationally because of the knowledge and the task of creating a perfect citizen and its impact. This is why Visakha has a unique place in school education system of Sri Lanka.That is the message that is circulated all over the country and the world. It’s a great pride for our nation.

Even in the early fifties and sixties, we saw school halls thatched with coconut leaves.None of that could reverse Visakha. It is a matter of pride that Visakha has become a haven that has produced citizens who take responsibility in many fields. Visakha became the center of a great revolution in education.

The field of science was opened to women in this country. Through that, many other colleges were opened to women for science. Visakha Vidyalaya joined the task of building a country, while fulfilling social requirements.

After leaving a college, we enter the university, which is the center of access to universal knowledge, to join the knowledge of the world and add special values of education to a country. That is why there is a difference between a college and a university.

As students, you have had a tough time. Recently, the country faced a very difficult time. Currently we are recovering from the prevailed crisis.Strong commitment to expand the fields of imparting knowledge, new fields have emerged. Any individual can join the different fields and serve the country.

All of us, including parents and students wish for exams to be conducted,results to be received and open doors for higher education on time. The government is committed to implement this schedule with determination. It is essential.

Negotiations are underway to reduce the study period by one year. If it is possible, our children will graduate a year earlier. Moreover, it is possible to lead towards different fields. We must win that challenge.

Commissioner of Examination H.J.M.C. Jayasundara, Principal Manomi Seneviratne, teachers, current and old Visakhian daughters joined the occasion.

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