Message of Condolence

The death of Mr. Mutthu Sivalingam, who made an unparalleled contribution for the wellbeing of the working people since his youth, will be a great loss to the voice of the working people.

As a labour leader, a member of parliament, a deputy minister and a minister, he won many rights for the working community in the country. He actively took part in various campaigns and programmes to secure their rights.

The name of Muthu Sivalingam shines among the leaders who strived for the rights and privileges of the working community.
I convey my deepest sympathies to the family members, friends and the working people over the demise of Muthu Sivalingam who strengthened the lives of the upcountry working community that provides a lifeline to the economy of the nation.

Dinesh Gunawardena
Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka