Business opportunities with credit facilities for five hundred thousand new female entrepreneurs in the Divisional Secretariat Divisions...

Measures to increase the total egg production of the country by increasing the poultry farming industry at the rural level...

5000 people in Seethawaka area benefited from the program for distribution of incubators...

Another phase of the program for the distribution of incubators aimed at strengthening the rural economy and uplifting the small-scale poultry farm owners was held today (28.05.2024) at Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

Through an incubator, which is provided under the assistance of the Chinese government, direct income sources will be opened for five families and many families in the villages related to those families will get its indirect benefits. The objective of this program is to improve income generation, improve nutrition intake of families, improve general egg production in the country, and create a self-sufficient home garden at the household level. Five thousand people will benefit from this program which was started today at Seethawaka.

The Prime Minister commenting at the event stated that -

"The Chinese People’s Government has granted these machines, not only to the low-income people of our country, but also to benefit the women, along with the country’s gardening, give it from village to village, popularize it in the area, and to give a nutritious food to a child. All those who have come forward giving this special opportunity to Seethawaka and Padukka areas, should work together to make this program a success. We hope to popularize this as an additional project related to the self-employment project. This is already a popular source of income in many provinces.

Hanwella is the centre where this industry was started. When Hon. Philip Gunawardena, as the Minister of Agriculture and Food, began this business in Sri Lanka at that time, such large machines had not been produced in the world. The first machine was installed in our province in 1957 at the Hanwella Gamsabha office at this junction. We have to take the necessary steps to carry forward this program with the support of the people in the village successfully, with the ability of telling our heritage and pride to the country. In these difficult times that we are facing, it is a time when people with low income are living with many difficulties. We should improve their living conditions.

The President has now announced a new opportunity to support females as up to five thousand new businessmen in a Divisional Secretariat Division. This opportunity is available to women entrepreneurs who have come forward to start new businesses, be it trade or manufacturing, no matter how many old debts they have. This opportunity is available to the women entrepreneurs of the Divisional Secretariat Divisions. Take advantage of them. Be fearless. There is a possibility to sell something that is produced within this economy. Therefore, come forward and succeed in those activities. The Pradeshiya Sabha also has the opportunity for providing various trainings. As a government, we are obliged to provide training to young people leaving school and to all those looking for a new job. The future of the young generation lies in professional qualifications.."

Incubators were distributed to the villages of Puwakpitiya, Mabula, Weragolla, and Ukgalla.

MP Yadamini Gunawardena, Officials including Colombo District Secretary K.G. Wijesiri, Seethawaka Divisional Secretary K. S. Dilhani and the public joined this event.

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