A new concept for creating entrepreneurs who can make new efforts... - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

Boosting the rural economy is a primary objective of the government...

Another phase of the program for the distribution of incubators aimed at strengthening the rural economy and uplifting small-scale poultry farm owners was held on 28.05.2024 at Kolonnawa Divisional Secretariat under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

Through an incubator, which is provided under the assistance of the Chinese government, direct income sources will be opened for five families and many families in the villages related to those families will get its indirect benefits. The objective of this program is to improve income generation, improve nutrition of families, improve general egg production in the country, and create a self-sufficient home garden at the household level.

The Prime Minister commenting at the event stated that -

Today, we assign the responsibility of the chicken and egg business, which used to be the most popular source of nutritious income in household level in our country, and which we are trying to turn into a source of income at the village level again, to this area. What happens here is that someone who has a wealth of experience is chosen based on that wealth of experience and contributes to the business of raising chickens. After the training given here, you will be handed over a machine that will help you in that business.

You can transform the business of raising chickens into a people’s business through this machine. The household will be able to generate some source of income and a child of the house will be able to get a nutritious egg. People’s Republic of China made this donation with the belief that it can bring relief to the people living in the midst of difficulties in this country.

The courage this gives to a new concept that creates entrepreneurs who can make new efforts is a great strength. We will be able to pass on the knowledge we have gained to the youth to engage in self-employment.

Kolonnawa Development Committee Chairman MP Sarath Weerasekera

The Prime Minister’s visit to China is a fruitful and useful visit for the country. Even during that visit, the Prime Minister did not forget the low income people. As a result, the country got these incubators that can help the entrepreneurs.

A person who raised chickens in a small box made at home took over this machine today and in the future to the houses where chickens can be raised in this area will also be provided with chicks.

For a country to move forward, the people of the country must be determined. Not everyone can do government jobs. Self-confidence is what is needed. Make yourself believe that you can earn income from your business. I thank the Prime Minister for this benefit that he has brought to the country and the village during his foreign visits.

A group including MP Yadamini Gunawardena, Colombo District Secretary K.G. Wijesiri, and Kolonnawa Divisional Secretary Priyanath Perera participated in this event.

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