Thai Pongal Message

Thai Pongal, also known as the Festival of Harvest, signifies paying gratitude to the Sun, on which farmers rely for a bountiful harvest and the traditional way of life harmonized with agriculture and Mother Nature. Tamils who live by the Hindu faith consider Thai Pongal to mark the dawn of a new year during which their expectations would be fulfilled.
Thai Pongal has become an integral part of the national culture and on this joyful occasion, I join our Tamil brethren to share their joy and happiness. I am confident that they will find ways to embody the core values of peace, unity, and compassion at the heart of the celebration of Thai Pongal. May this festival also inspire us to live in harmony with nature and further the spirit of compassion.
I extend my best wishes to Tamils of Sri Lanka and around the world who celebrate the Thai Pongal festival a joyful festival.
Dinesh Gunawardena
January 13, 2023

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