Prime Minister unveils War Memorial at KDU

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said the people of Sri Lanka will always be grateful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation, its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to keep us free to defend our values and protect our way of life. He said this after unveiling a War Memorial at the Kotalawala Defence University on February 17.

Sri Lanka, nurtured by the teachings of the Gautama Buddha believes in peace, compassion and tranquility. It is not in our nature to seek out wars and conflicts, he said and added that but whenever they have come, when adversaries have left us no alternative, our brave armed forces have stood ready to take the risks and pay the ultimate price.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the mothers and wives, husbands and fathers and friends of the War Heroes as they carried on understanding that their Soldier chose this life of service and thus they understood the potentiality of their death as a sacrifice for the sake of Motherland.

“this monument built at an institute dedicated to higher education of the members of armed forces will ensure we always remember them. We must never forget the soldiers who died in the three decades of conflict that are etched in stone on the monument built to remember them,” he said.

Premier Gunawardena paid gratitude to third Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Sir John Kotalawala, the philanthropist, who made a magnanimous donation of his house and valuable land, where the KDU is situated today.

He also thanked the Vice Chancellor, the academic and nonacademic staff of KDU for their thoughtful action to establish this War Memorial to honour and respect the fallen heroes.
KDU Chancellor Gen Shantha Kottegoda, Defence Secretary Gen Kamal Gunaratne, Gen Shavendra Silva, KDU VC Gen Milinda Peiris, officers, cadets and family members of war heroes were present on this occasion.