Message of condolence

We pay our great respect to Dr. Nalin de Silva, a scholar of the highest level, who made our nation proud by rendering a great service to Sri Lanka.

The demise of Dr. Nalin de Silva, who has rendered a great service to our country, its people and to the Sinhalese, will be a great loss for the nation.

He is a rare scholar, who has bravely devoted himself to the nation through the most difficult decades of the motherland and has awakened the nation creatively.

At this moment, I remember with respect and gratitude that I got the opportunity to associate and work with him very closely for a long time.

I express my condolences to his beloved wife, children, relatives and friends of Dr. Nalin de Silva.

May Dr. Nalin de Silva attain the supreme bliss of nibbana.

Dinesh Gunawardena (M.P.)
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka