Prime Minister urges young entrepreneurs to transform the global economic crisis into greater opportunities.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said with success in financial negotiations Sri Lankans have just proven we are even more capable of transforming more global crisis into greater opportunities.

Addressing the Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (COYLE) in Colombo on Friday (10), he said as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka applaud all of you at the Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs for being here today, in this very moment.

“In the current given context, rather in a total crisis, most of you could have been well away anywhere else in the world, but no, you are here right now showing so much love and confidence towards our Motherland Sri Lanka, and running chosen businesses and industries helping the country and her People,” he said.

The Prime Minister expressed appreciation over the COYLE efforts to support the government endeavors resolving national issues Sri Lanka is confronting in the economic and financial forefronts. “We are extremely proud to be with a group of young and energetic entrepreneurs and members, who have helped to bring honor to our country by winning awards both Nationally and Internationally.”

Pointing out that government is going through much needed and procrastinated reforms, he said these will leave greater trust and more opportunity on the private sector. For example sectors like Hospitality trade where our private sector has proven they are better at and much more capable in running businesses successfully than the state.

Premier Gunawardena said the government is confident chambers like COYLE to deliver the much needed economic diplomacy not only in capital cities but importantly in a greater galaxy of bustling economic hubs in the world.

He concluded with the remark that as proclaimed by President Ranil Wickramesinghe ‘let us remember the march from tomorrow onwards and for the next 25 years is an important one for all of us. Your Chamber would reach the Golden 50 while Sri Lanka as an independent nation would be completing her century, 100 years.’

American Ambassador Julie Chung was the guest of honour at the function. It was attended by former President Maithripala Sirisena, ministers, MPs, ambassadors, leading chamber heads and COYLE members including past presidents and current president and executive committee members.