Vesak Message

Vesak Poya day is the most sacred day to the Buddhist people who celebrate the birth, enlightenment and the mahaparinibbana of the Buddha. Since ancient times, Sri Lankans celebrate it with boundless joy of venerating the Buddha.

After a difficult period due to natural calamities, pandemic and economic downturn, Sri Lankan people have the opportunity to celebrate the Vesak festival in a grand scale this year.

The nature of the world is changing day by day. At present, the ways of life that were expected by us in the past are collapsing. Because of this, we are entering a period where many people around the world are travelling to Buddhist countries to find the essence of Buddhism, which explains the nature of life. The Buddhist teachings advocate the middle path for salvation.

Although the middle path is an eternal concept, it is relevant present day society. The middle path is also meaningful in economic planning and development. The middle way provides eternal peace and contentment.

Throughout a long history, Vesak decoration has been a deep spiritual exercise that highlights the impermanence of life. Vesak decoration helps children to understand through experience that life leads to destruction unless it is well balanced. It is the duty of all adults to provide the necessary facilities and make the environment for children to understand life through experience of Vesak decorations. That also helps to preserve Vesak art.

Let us work in a society that is guided by the four sublime status of Metta (Kindness), Karuna (Compassion), Mudita (Sympathetic Joy), and Upeksha (Equanimity) as outlined by the noble Buddhist philosophy.

May all beings be free from suffering, free from illness and be blessed!

Dinesh Gunawardena (M.P.)
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
23 May 2024