Royal College Colombo hails the President and the Prime Minister.

2023-05-03 A fleet of Tri- Shaws join in promoting the splendor of Vesak in Colombo View
2023-05-03 Indian Air Force to assist National Defence College and Trinco SLAF base View
2023-05-02 The Prime Minister officially declares open the Vesak week by hoisting the Buddhist flag at the ancient Deepadutthamarama Thai Temple , Kotahena, where Sri Lanka’s first Buddhist flag was hoisted 136 years ago ... View
2023-04-28 Egypt proposes Arab Sri Lanka Business Council to promote trade and investments View
2023-04-28 ’ප්‍රොජෙක්ට් රන්’ සම්මානලාභී පාසල් සඳහා සම්මාන පිරිනැමේ View
2023-04-24 Prime Minister discusses trade and investment growth with Italy View
2023-04-24 Japan and UNDP launch programs to strengthen socio-economic recovery through home-based agriculture and energy security interventions View
2023-04-23 Meditation will transcend human minds to strengthen peace, compassion and harmony – Prime Minister View
2023-04-20 Some of the officials who are paid by the government neglected the welfare surveys aimed to help the poor. - Prime Minister View
2023-04-18 The contribution of the Muslim community to business and various other sectors of the country is extremely important."- Prime Minister View
2023-04-18 It was your commitment and the consistent policy of the government that pushed back the tough times faced by the country. - Prime Minister View
2023-04-16 "The ritual of ointing performed together with nature in the New Year is our eternal heritage" - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena View
2023-04-16 "Let’s resolve to withstand the sufferings and move forward" - Prime Minister View
2023-04-12 Malay Association thanks Prime Minister for renaming Slave Island as Kompanna Veediya View
2023-04-11 Preliminary draft of the report of the National Committee on Delimitation handed over to the Prime Minister View
2023-04-10 Do not limit Vesak festival only to circulars. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena View
2023-04-09 Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena offered Easter Sunday greetings to Most Rev. Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan View
2023-04-10 Aluth Avurudu Message View
2023-04-08 At a time when the world is searching for Buddhism, the role played by our Venerable Nayaka Theras is noteworthy.. - Prime Minister View
2023-04-06 Let’s celebrate Easter with loving mercy and forgiveness shown by Jesus Christ View
2023-04-05 Prime Minister thanks Chinese Buddhists for their generous help to Sri Lankan temples and people View
2023-04-05 Dharmapradeepa sermon at Temple Trees View
2023-04-04 The Prime Minister will plant the first sapling in the New Year... View
2023-04-03 A special committee to supervise Local Government Institutions View
2023-03-31 Need to reconsider the issue of land rights of National Heroes whose lands were confiscated by the Colonial regime - Prime Minister View