Thai Pongal Message

Thai Pongal, also known as the Festival of Harvest, signifies paying gratitude to the Sun, on which farmers rely for a bountiful harvest and the traditional way of life harmonized with agriculture and Mother Nature. Tamils who live by the Hindu faith consider Thai Pongal to mark the dawn of a new year during which their expectations would be fulfilled.
Thai Pongal has become an integral part of the national culture and on this joyful occasion, I join our Tamil brethren to share their joy and happiness. I am confident that they will find ways to embody the core values of peace, unity, and compassion at the heart of the celebration of Thai Pongal. May this festival also inspire us to live in harmony with nature and further the spirit  MORE >>

ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට උදව් අවශ්‍ය සෑම මොහොතේම සැබෑ මිතුරෙකු ලෙස චීනය අප සමග එකට සිටියා. -අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය දිනේෂ් ගුණවර්ධන මහතා

චීනය සමඟ සමග ඉතා සමීප සම්බන්ධතාවයක් ගෙන ගිය පිලිප් ගුණවර්ධන මහතාට ගරු කිරීමක් ලෙස එතුමාගේ සංවත්සර දිනයේ දී ප්‍රදේශයේ තරුණ පෙළට පරිගණක පුහුණු මධ්‍යස්ථානයක් ලබා දෙනවා.-ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ චීන තානාපති කාර්යාල උපදේශක Chen Xiangyuan පවසයි.

අග්‍රාමාත්‍යවරයා මේ අදහස් පළකලේ 2023.01.12 දින චීන රජයේ සහයෝග MORE >>

″පළාත් පාලන ආයතන ඡන්ද පැවැත්වීමෙන් අනතුරුව පරිසර හිතකාමී ජනතා හිතවාදී නව පරිසර රෙගුලාසි ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීමට පූර්ණ සහාය ″ -අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය දිනේෂ් ගුණවර්ධන මහතා.

අග්‍රාමාත්‍යවරයා මේ බව සඳහන් කළේ 2023.01.12 දින බණ්ඩාරනායක අනුස්මරණ සම්මන්ත්‍රණ ශාලාවේ පැවති වර්ල්ඩ් විෂන් අපද්‍රව්‍ය කළමනාකරණය පිළිබඳ සමුළුව සම්මන්ත්‍රණය අමතමිනි.

මෙහිදී වැඩිදුරටත් අදහස් දැක්වූ අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය වරයා -
පළාත් පාලන ආයතන ඡන්දය පැවැත් වීමෙන් අනතුරුව පළාත් පාලන ආයතන MORE >>

පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රීවරුන්ගේ මෙන්ම පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍රවාදය සහ ආරක්ෂාව ශක්තිමත් කිරීමට පොදුරාජ්‍ය මණ්ඩලය සහාය...

CPA Asia Region කාර්යාලය ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ විවෘත කෙරේ...

පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රීවරුන්ගේ මෙන්ම පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍රවාදය සහ ආරක්ෂාව ශක්තිමත් කිරීමට පොදුරාජ්‍ය මණ්ඩලය සහාය ලබා දෙන බව පොදුරාජ්‍ය මණ්ඩලීය පාර්ලිමේන්තු සංගමයේ (CPA) මහලේකම්,( Stephen Twiggs ) ස්ටීවන් ට්විග්ස් පවසයි.

ඔහු මේ බව පැව MORE >>

Over 300,000 children sit for GCE (AL) and nobody should be allowed to disrupt examinations – Prime Minister

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said more than 300,000 children sit for GCE (AL) and nobody should be allowed to disrupt the examinations. Addressing the Government Agents at the Home Ministry in Colombo today (10) he said any attempt to disrupt examinations that decides the future of these youths is a crime and urged the public servants not to be a party to any such act.

Speaking at the meeting held to discuss the ‘New Village – New Country; National Coordinated Participatory Development Programme’ the Prime Minister pointed out that GCE AL examinations will be held shortly and it is the responsibility of District Secretaries to ensure that the exams are held smoothly. “You must not try to wash your hands off by st MORE >>

Australia and Sri Lanka to enhance cooperation in maritime security, prevention of drug and human smuggling and fisheries and education sectors

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena thanked Australia for the assistance provide to Sri Lanka to strengthen maritime security in the Indian Ocean region and requested for further assistance to provide GPS technology to fishing vessels to strengthen communication networks.

He said this when Australian High Commissioner Paul Stephens called on him at the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.

The Prime Minister said more Australian universities could establish affiliated campuses in Sri Lanka to attract not only local students but also from other countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa. He added that investors should also enter into new areas such as fisheries, agriculture, information technology, renewable energy MORE >>

“The fisheries sector, which was not considered a part of the economy in the past, will enter global market in a big way under new plans

The Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that the fisheries sector, which was not considered a part of the economy in the past, will enter global market in a big way under new plans made by the government. He said this when the first multi-day fishing vessel with cooling systems was launched from Dikowita fishing port on 01.03.2023, which was introduced as a pilot project to safely bring the fish harvested from the sea to the land.

This pilot project was initiated to reduce post-harvest losses with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This pilot project was implemented as a joint venture of the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, NARA (National Aquatic Resources Research and MORE >>

Prime Minister visits the Chief Incumbent of the historical Navagamuwa Rajamaha Vihara, Maha Nayake of Sri Kalyani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabha, Malwane Pagnnasara Thera.

The Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena participated in religious ceremonies at the historical Navagamuwa Rajamaha Viharaya and Paththini Devalaya (Shrine of the Goddess Paththini) on 04.01.2023 and received blessings from Malwane Pagnnasara Thera, Maha Nayake of Sri Kalyani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabha.

The Chief Incumbent of the historical Navagamuwa Rajamaha Vihara, Malwane Pannasara Thera explained that “ Navagamuwa sacred land and Paththini Devalaya are not strange places for the Prime Minister. Prime Minister’s grandfather Boralugoda Ralahami took charge of the site and worked to develop this place”.

The Prime Minister visited the Paththini Devalaya even when he was a child and participated in va MORE >>

Sri Lanka heads in right direction – UN Assistant Secretary General

United Nations Assistant Secretary General (ASG), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Assistant Administrator and Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, Kanni Wignaraja expressed appreciation over Sri Lanka’s plans for sociopolitical development. “We appreciate Sri Lanka is heading back in right direction,” she said and assured UNDP’s continuous support.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena congratulated her for her recent promotion as Assistant Secretary General when she called on him at the Temple Trees in Colombo today (Jan 3). She called on to discuss Sri Lanka’s development programmes related to Sustainable Development Goals, green economy, social cohesion and social protection.
 MORE >>

Let’s work together as inheritors of a nation with a brighter future. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

The Prime Minister urged the public servants to work together as inheritors of a nation with a bright future. Speaking at the commencement of duties in the new year at the Prime Minister’s Office in Colombo today, he said, “this is the moment to announce the pledge and resolve to work with commitment for the betterment of the nation”.

The government lead by President Ranil Wickremesinghe is committed to achieve the targets in the next twenty-five years on behalf of all the Sri Lankans with determination and commitment to ensure reaching the goal by the time we mark one hundred years of independence, he said.

“While making this pledge today, the only wish of the PresidentLet’s work together as inherito MORE >>

New Year greetings from Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

We enter the New Year with cheer, hope and joy in our hearts. While 2022 was difficult for most of our people, we must face the New Year with utmost commitment is to build a better country even in the face of numerous challenges.

We are actively engaged in the development in all spheres, giving priority to food security and rural economic revival in particular.

Let us come together and follow the strategies to strengthen the local economy in creating a prosperous country in this New Year. MORE >>

නේපාල අග්‍රාමාත්‍යවරයා ලෙස යළි තේරී පත්වූ පුෂ්ප කමල් දහාල් (Pushpa Kamal Dahal)මහතා වෙත අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය දිනේෂ් ගුණවර්ධන මහතා සුභ පැතුම් එක්කරයි.

නේපාල අග්‍රාමාත්‍යවරයා ලෙස යළිත් පත්වීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් පුෂ්ප කමල් දහාල් (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) මහතා වෙත ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රජාතාන්ත්‍රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජයේ හෘදයාංගම සුභ පැතුම් එක් කරන බව අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය දිනේෂ් ගුණවර්ධන මහතා සුභ පැතුම් සංදේශයක් යොමු කරමින් කියා සිටියි.

දකුණු ආසියානු අසල්වැසියන් ලෙස  MORE >>

Prime Minister stresses to new SL envoys importance of innovative diplomacy to promote exports, tourism and attract investments

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said the traditional diplomacy has changed and today’s top priority is economic diplomacy.

Addressing 16 newly appointed ambassadors and high commissioners at the Temple Trees today (Dec 26), he urged them to work towards attracting investments, promoting exports, tourism and enhance the image of Sri Lanka as a nonaligned neutral country with friendship towards all.

“We have not deviated from that policy and our ports are open everybody and it is your duty to get this message across to the world,” he told the envoys.

Referring to the unprecedented economic challenges and debt restructuring, the Prime Minister asked the Sri Lankan missions to work on invest MORE >>

Christmas Message

Remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, who set an invaluable example to look at the world realistically, let us make this grand occasion of Christmas a foundation for a society that values love, human dignity and humanity.

It is a timely need to properly recognize the vision of Jesus Christ who dedicated himself to free the burdened people and create a better society.

The Christmas can be made a landmark beginning for making an economically prosperous, self-sufficient Sri Lanka where conflicts are resolved by the elimination of hatred and cruelty.

Adhering to wonderful lessons of peace, reconciliation and equality, let us celebrate this Christmas meaningfully by lending a helping hand to others MORE >>

France to provide more assistance to dairy sector in Sri Lanka

New French Ambassador Jean Francois Pactet said France is keen to expedite proposed dairy projects to enhance milk production in Sri Lanka. He stated this when he called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Temple Trees in Colombo today (Dec 22).

The Ambassador also stressed the need for Sri Lanka to increase exports to France to further balance bilateral trade. Key exports from Sri Lanka to France are apparel, fisheries products, pneumatic rubber tyres, liquid coconut milk and tea.

The Prime Minister said more French investors should enter into new areas of investment such as fisheries, agriculture, information technology, renewable energy, electronics and tourism. He thanked the Ambassador for the supp MORE >>

PM and Indian Envoy hail SLTC link with IIT, Madras

Prime Minister Dinresh Gunawardena and Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay jointly witnessed the establishment of partnership linkage between the Sri Lanka Technological Campus SLTC Research University (SLTC) and the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras (IITM) for an inclusive partnership for academic, research and resource exchange.

During their visit to the SLTC in Padukka on Wednesday, they joined a zoom meeting between the SLTC Campus and IIT, Madras in which Higher Education State Minister Dr Suren Raghavan and SLTC Chairman Deshamanya Ajith Zoysa as well as lecturers and students took part, while Founder President/CEO of SLTC Dr Ranjit Rubasinghe welcomed them from Australia, where he is currently on an official  MORE >>