We do not allow any damage or tampering to Article 09 of the Constitution. The article 09 is an achievement resulted from historical path taken by the Maha Sangha. We need to protect such a strength incorporated in our constitution for the purpose of preserving Buddhism -Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

The Prime Minister declared that any damage or tampering to Article 9 of the Constitution would not be allowed and that right should be protected for the purpose of preserving Buddhism. He said this at the conferment ceremony of the twelfth Srimath Maha Nayake Eknaligoda Vihara sect of Sri Lanka Amarapura Chapter to Most Venerable Karannagoda Senananda Nayaka Thera held at Siddharthodaya Piriwen Vihara, Karangoda, Ratnapura on 14.02.2023.

He further said that “the order to throw down the flag of the British Emperor could be given because of the power of the Buddhist monks as displayed in the freedom struggle. Venerable Wariyapola Thera had done that because the colonial rulers broke their own promise. I would like to recall that the struggle for the rights of the Sinhala Buddhists was arisen, immediately after the pledge was broken. The 02nd of March 1815 was the climax of that historical Sannaspatra. It was our Maha Sangha that kneeled down British rule to protect Sambuddha shasana. Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of liberation from their regime. Pothgul Viharaya and Saman Devalaya stands for a unique history. Maha Nayake Thera led the way for the victory of free education at a time when they could not read, write or speak”.

“My beloved mother in 1956 started the first school in Boralugoda area as a member of parliament” said the Prime Minister and recalled that there was no school in that village at that time and it was a major hindrance for their achievements. The Maha Nayake position that is awarded to Karannagoda Senananda Nayaka Thera would be a great leadership that could give strength to the people of the country to unite and guide all citizens to overcome the challenges faced by our country.

In his speech Prime Minister stated that the teachings of Gauthama Buddha pave us the way to overcome the current challenges. It was Venerable Maha Sangha that escorts the devotees along that path for more than two thousand five hundred years. He mentioned the contribution of Buddhist monks made in leading the society towards success with great respect and gratitude.

“May the position of Mahanayake granted to you today, give you strength, courage and good health as you continue to guide the Sambuddha Shasana and the nation” He concluded.

Members of Maha Sangha, Governor Tikiri Kobbekaduwa, State Ministers Premalal Jayasekara, Janaka Vakkambura, Yadamini Gunawardena MP, government officials and many devottees took part at the ceremony.