Nattaranpotha Kala Puraya, Kandy for Prime Minister’s observation 17.01.2024

The Naththarampotha kala Puraya of Kandy is an artistic haven full of new creations by traditional artisans in a variety of traditional handicrafts made of brass, laaksa, silver, dumbara patterns etc. Currently the Kala Puraya also trains new artisans.

The Naththarampotha Kala Puraya on the banks of Mahaweli River in Dumbara Valley can be described as a place of revival of local industries that started with the people’s revolution in 1956.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena made an observation visit to Naththarampotha Kala Puraya on 17.01.2024 and met with the traditional rural handicraft artisans and inquired about their future endeavours.