An attractive language is like a continuously flowing river… - Prime Minister

We have creative writers among us who can amaze the world…

It is a pleasure to see a book launch with maximum participation by readers...

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that we have various creative writers among us who can amaze the world and further he stated that an attractive language is like a continuously flowing river. Actually it is a pleasure to see a book launch with the participation of maximum number of book lovers, he said.

He expressed these views at the event held at the Colombo Public Library recently (29.02.2024) on the book launch of “Tharu Yathura” written by the Prime Minister’s Media Secretary Lalith Rohana Liyanage.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated;

“It is a pleasure to see so much readers’ participation nowadays for a work that enriches poetry. You are together today to represent our heritage, which is full of high human qualities that can revive the nation, that can make the nation live, and ensure our identity. History can be revised again and again through these events. There are many creative people among us who can surprise the world. Our language is an example for that. The natives of the country were able to nurture it as a noble language, make it more interesting and maintain it continuously. The Sinhala language is a fascinating language that never stops and continuously flowing like a river.

Our creators did not have radio and television at that time. After harvesting, the villagers performed all the rituals and went on pilgrimage. On those occasions, they enjoyed work while singing folk songs. This is how the countrymen nurtured our creations for centuries. The marvels about the rich heritages of Kala wewa, Sigiriya, the amazing irrigation works of Yoda Canal, etc., have been bequeathed from generation to generation, which can be recollected with respect and pride even today, and today it has been preserved for the future generations.

I am happy that Rohana’s wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity have been presented to the country in this way. When we think of the “Tharu Yathura” poems, we remember the great freedom struggle that our poets evoked through poetry. The great language battle that awakened by our poets. A language does not exist in statistics. The Sinhala language survived through the continued national responsibilities of our forefathers. Mahasangha gave leadership to that great national responsibility.

A platform was created for scholarly comments on “Tharu Yathura” and Ven Prof. Pathegama Gnanissara Thera, Prof. Kamal Waleboda, Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe, Literary veteran Sunil Sarath Perera, Leader of Hela Haula, Srinath Ganewatta, Additional Secretary Anusha Gokula, Amy Young of China Phi nix Media Group, the author K. M. I. Swarnasinghe, Lecturer Manisha Dukgannarala, gave brief comments on selected poems.

The mahasangha including, Chief Incumbent of Aukana Rajamaha Vihara, Member of Parliament Yadamini Gunawardena, Secretary to the Prime Minister Anura Dissanayake, government officials, journalists, artistes and a large number of people participated in this event.

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