Japan explore new areas of investments in Sri Lanka

A group of top-level Japanese entrepreneurs called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Prime Minister’s Office in Parliament to discuss possible new investments in Sri Lanka.

The delegation included Ms Saigo Ayumi, a member of the Royal family of Japan and former Member of Tokyo Metropolitan Council and Mr Kamisakamoto Yuji and Ms Kamisakamoto Hisako, who belong to entrepreneur family that constructed a Memorial for former President J R Jayewardene in Japan to show gratitude to him for the support given to Japan at the famous San Francisco Conference after the World War II.

The Prime Minister thanked Japan for the assistance provided to Sri Lanka and invited the delegates to invest in new areas such as agriculture, fisheries, motor vehicle components, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries. He said that Sri Lanka remains open to explore opportunities to further deepening and widening of bilateral relations, not only by greater trade and investment cooperation, but also in the education sector including Japanese Language teaching.

The delegation assured that they would encourage more and more Japanese companies to invest in Sri Lanka.

Mr Kamisakamoto presented a book on J R Jayewardene published in Japanese to the Prime Minister, who then made arrangements for the delegation to meet Mr Pradeep Jayewardene, grandson of President Jayewardene to discuss their proposal to publish a new book on the late President.

The delegation included Satosh Ryosuke, Zaito Aya, Yamada Hiroko, Nakade Ryoshin, Nose Hiroshi, Seto Tatsuhiko, Kawai Thoshihiko, Miura Yosuke, Suzuki Natsuo, Tanka Taro, Sato Ichiro and Ikeda Kautetsu. Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister, Harsha Wijewardena and Dr Anver Mustapha of Eastern Province ICT were also present during the meeting.