Message of Condolences

The sudden demise of Mr. Sanath Nishantha, Member of Parliament for Puttalam District, State Minister for Water Supply, who was an active public representative of our government, will be a great loss.

Having engaged in a practical political role for about three decades, his mission leaves an irrecoverable gap in the progressive camp he represented.

Having worked as a Minister of the North-Western Province in the Local Government, he entered the Parliament and handled the responsibility of the State Minister of a very responsible ministry with full understanding in that scope.

I always remember with respect the discussions he had with me when dealing with the subject of water, which was a major need of the people.

Working with the people of Puttalam district, he went from village to village with value systems that he had socialized with them, and he laid effective landmarks in the journey of life for the elders as well as the young generation.

Being a challenge to challenges, he appeared unconditionally in the face of victory and defeat in his political camp, and he achieved many victories on behalf of that camp. I also remember the dedication shown by devoting even the personal affairs of his life to that goal and working steadfastly in the face of accusations.

Later, as a political activist of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, he brought great strength to the party in both in victory and defeat.

We express our condolences to his dear wife and children, relatives, friends and associates who are bereaved by his death.

I pray State Minister Sanath Nishantha may attain nibbana.

Dinesh Gunawardena (M. P)
Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
27 January 2024