Political differences should be limited to political debates. - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena in Polonnaruwa.

Public servants must support the political leadership.

The Prime Minister mentioned that political differences should be limited only to political debates and the public servants should provide fullest support to the political leadership. He expressed these views at a meeting held on the multi-sector integrated mechanism for empowering rural economic revitalization centers to ensure food security and nutrition, under “New Village - New Country” National Integrated Development Program, Polonnaruwa District Progress Review Meeting at the Polonnaruwa District Secretariat Auditorium today (29.01.2024).

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister said;

“We built up the country with great confidence. No matter whatever the opinions of the public, the public servants must keep faith on that. Today the country has raised its head from the serious setback we fell into. Countries of the world stopped having transactions with us. The banking system stopped their transactions. We regained confidence after a period of difficult times and dealt with those times and brought the country to a better condition. Although there are small issues still pending, we recovered the country from the great collapse.

The confidence of government employees should be noted. You represent a learned group of people who are aware of the situation in the world. What happened to Greece? It confronted with an economic downturn. They reduced Government employees. We didn’t do that. We made pension payments. Salary was never stopped. Farmers became a great strength for us to increase the production of our country and earn a surplus. This country and the world had faith on us. Today we know that the country can move forward based on that belief. We passed that difficult time and prepared the future for your people and children. Political differences should be limited to political debates. The government official has a responsibility to fulfill the targeted program of the development programs that we implement.

Therefore, as public servants, there is a great ability and responsibility. Contribute to the ongoing development process of the public service and future targeted developments. I request all the public servants and others to support the political leadership of the district to implement development plans.

North Central Province Governor Mahipala Herath, State Ministers Siripala Gamlath, Janaka Vakkambura, Polonnaruwa District Coordination Committee Chairman Member of Parliament Jagath Samarawickrama, Members of Parliament K. Nelson, Yadamini Gunawardena, Public Administration Ministry Secretary Pradeep Yasaratne, Polonnaruwa District Single Secretary Sujantha Ekanayake and other regional officials. Secretaries and officials attended the event.

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