Independence Day Message

Our ancestors created a proud history for us. As their children and grandchildren, we should bequeath it meaningfully to the next generation.

Today we celebrate the 76th year of independence of our nation, which has been nourished by intellect and sacrifice of blood and sweat in the struggles faced from time to time due to foreign and imperialist invasions.

From the national liberation struggles of 1818 and 1848 and the revolutionary struggles spearheaded by religious and lay national leaders we gained independence in 1948. Let us remember them with pride at this moment.

Even after that independence, the people’s movement of 1956, the full freedom obtained by the republic constitution of 1972, the war heroes who sacrificed their lives, eyes, flesh and blood to end the thirty-year-war should be gratefully remembered at this moment.

We are celebrating Independence Day at a time when we are slowly returning to the right path of progress after facing an unprecedented economic crisis. We are crossing those difficult hurdles by embarking on a number of measures towards food security, rural revitalization and a productive economy.

The 76th National Independence Day will be marked as a new turning point in the economy in anticipation of overcoming challenges and building a prosperous country. Let’s all move forward together for the development and progress of the country while preserving freedom.

Dinesh Gunawardena (M .P)
Prime Minister, Minister of State Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

04 February 2024