A fleet of Tri- Shaws join in promoting the splendor of Vesak in Colombo

On a concept of Venerable Elle Gunawamsa Thera, Incumbent of Dharmayathana, the inauguration of a special programme in Colombo and Island-wide to mark Vesak Festival took place with the hoisting of Buddhist flags on thousand passenger Three- wheelers with the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at Dharmayathana, Colombo 07 today (May 03).

Delivering a speech at the occasion the Prime Minister stated that the contribution of Venerable Elle Gunawamsa Thera is commendable in order to further promote Vesak festival in the especial Vesak Zone in and around Dharmayathana. On behalf of the government, we would like to thank all the people led by the Mahasangha for participating in the display of the Buddhist flag on Three- wheelers traveling in various cities across the country for the Vesak festival that is celebrated in Sri Lanka and around the world. We consider Dharmayathana Colombo 07 as a center of guidance to direct people’s minds towards Dhamma."

Venerable Elle Gunawamsa Thera explained that Vesak festival conducted in Buddhaloka Mawatha is a very successful Vesak festival. The word festival is Buddhist word. The word festival means coming together, working together, achieving one goal and being happy. We had Buddhist festivals such as Vesak, Poson, Esala, Nikini, Binara and so on. Now many Buddhist festivals have fallen in significance. Only Vesak and Poson are left. Without this decoration, there is no light. If they are left out of decorations, there is no light.

A large group of tourists from Buddhist countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar etc. come to Sri Lanka to witness our Vesak festival. There were economic crises and other difficult situations. But our Prime Minister reiterated that this should be done by any means. That is how this Vesak festival started today.

Members of Maha Sangha, Member of Parliament Yadamini Gunawardena, Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police Deshbandu Tennakoon, former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, former Inspector General of Police N. K. Ilangakon, and a large number of guests and Three -wheeler drivers joined the event.

Prime Minister’s Media Division