No public servant can refuse to perform official duties - Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena

The Prime Minister made these remarks during the Kurunegala District Progress Review Meeting of “Aluth Gamak Aluth Ratak” the National Integration Participatory Development Programme for Empowering Rural Economic Revitalization Centers held in the North Western Provincial Council Auditorium on 30.03.2023.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena highlighted in his speech that after reaching an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, the economy is normalizing again with the start of international financial transactions that were suspended. That is why all the banks in the world have lifted the temporary ban on financial dealings with us.

It is the way to revive the economy. But we can’t use it without a purpose. You have to invest while controlling income and expenses. As usual, we will not be able to go to meet all the expenses.

It was possible to reduce the price of oil due to the stable programme carried out by the government.

Opportunities to revive the economy continue to be reframed amidst the difficulties of the people. This program should be reviewed from time to time. As the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Administration, I earnestly request that the public service to commit itself to moving towards a plan and schedule.

It is your responsibility. It is our bonded duty. No public servant can be said to be unable to perform his duties. I don’t accept that. Otherwise, you can go into private service without being a public servant. I urge the public service to utilize the time that can be transformed for the development of our country.

He further mentioned that about 300 schools have been closed in the last 15 years in the North-Western Province. In any case, it is not good to let schools close. If it needs to be closed, another school should be started parallel to that one. We can easily close schools, but we have invested in that land.

Therefore, I sincerely reiterate that the development committee should take the lead to implement a programme that can provide vocational training to every child who leaves the school.

Governor of North Western Province Wasantha Karnnagoda, Ministers of State Ashoka Priyantha, Janaka Vakkambura, DB Herath, Members of Parliament Johnston Fernando, Samanpriya Herath, Sumit Udukumbura, Dayasiri Jayasekara, Asanka Navaratne, Manjula Dissanayake, Gunapala Ratnasekera and other people’s representatives and government officials attended the event.

Prime Minister’s Media Division